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What is forex trading? - The main features of forex trading
Forex trading is trading in various foreign currencies. In the recent past, this type of trading was available exclusively to institutional traders and large banks. But now ordinary people can…

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Adam Klein founded Media Leader in 2005 to provide innovating leadership and consultation
Find out the main secret of a successful business.
How to become a successful businessman? All you need to do to succeed is to imbue with the idea of ​​business, plunge into it with your head. Until a person…

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Internal marketing from professionals
A person is selfish, he always thinks about himself, about his own benefit. He only thinks about someone else’s benefit if he is motivated to do so. Such is the…


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Rules of communication with customers by phone

The impression of the company is formed in the first few minutes of a conversation with its representative. More than 95% of such conversations take place over the telephone – personal meetings are scheduled in exceptional cases. If the manager fails to reach the client or the conversation leaves an unpleasant impression, there will be no second chance – the latter will use the services of another organization. Etiquette of telephone communication includes many nuances, the main ones will be discussed in this article. Continue reading

Cryptocurrency: what it is, why it is needed, pros and cons

A few years ago, few people heard about cryptocurrency. Gradually, people began to learn more about it and now it is one of the most discussed topics in the whole world. But, despite the popularity of such virtual money, some people do not know what a cryptocurrency is, how it works, why it is needed, what types of cryptocurrency exist, whether it has disadvantages, what can be bought for such currency, etc. In this article on we will tell you detailed information about cryptocurrency and you will be able to understand this issue. Continue reading

Principles of franchising

When you open your own business, a person faces many challenges. It takes a lot of time to unleash the brand and develop the technology. The ability to realize management talents, gain financial independence and make a business a profitable investment is the goal of every entrepreneur. However, due to inexperience, beginning businessmen often make mistakes, feel insecure. What is a franchise and how does it work? Why is a ready business franchise a reasonable choice? We will try to answer simply and affordably. Continue reading

Negotiation strategy

A little simplify the situation with strategies. We specify the tasks.The task of the negotiator No. 1: Hide all your points of need and find out the points of need of your opponent. All tricks are directed only to this.Additional axiom: if you are a seller, you are initially weak, because your main point of need is obvious – the conclusion of a contract. That is why your task is more difficult and interesting. The strength is the one with the money. We must become a strong point. And it is possible.Task Negotiator number 2: Give your opponent to win! Continue reading

“Will be dragged ashore and stunned with a stick”, or How to conclude a contract on their own terms

Denis Sidenko, business consultant, coach, talks about the art of negotiation, tactics, rules and techniques that will help the seller not to surrender under the pressure of the buyer; explains what is most important in negotiations, what is their basis and how to prepare for them with a specific example from personal work practice
Once at a negotiation training, a woman approached me and asked: “We produce cakes. Recently signed a contract with the network. They stayed with us at a discount of 44% with a minimum of 46%. I’m thinking: did we win the negotiations or lost? ”

This is a common question. People are often confident that a deal is a victory in negotiations. In fact, the victory is your deal conditions. Continue reading

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The real foundations of a successful business
Can you describe the basics of a successful business in a few words? Is there any easy way to quickly and briefly explore the essence of a successful business? Does…


How to build a profitable business
The goal of any businessman is to have a profitable business. In order to build such a business, you need to know what profit is in its essence. It seems…


Principles of franchising
When you open your own business, a person faces many challenges. It takes a lot of time to unleash the brand and develop the technology. The ability to realize management…