Rules of communication with customers by phone
The impression of the company is formed in the first few minutes of a conversation…

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Marketing as the cause of the global crisis
The answer to the question is known. The main cause of the global crisis is…

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How to become a real postindustrial?
It says a lot that the transition to a post-industrial economy has been launched. However,…


How to make money in the US stock market
What is the stock market? - These are purchases, and after - resale of valuable…


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Marketing as the cause of the global crisis

The answer to the question is known. The main cause of the global crisis is marketing. In general, marketing is considered by few as a cause of the crisis, but it was he who caused it. How? Everything is very simple. In general, the crisis arose due to the fact that there was a lack of liquidity, in other words, the crisis arose due to a shortage of money. Among other things, this means that it is necessary to analyze a business strategy and modernize it for new conditions. Continue reading

Forex Recommendations: How to choose Forex advisors?

A novice trader always has a question about how to choose a Forex advisor. Today, there are a huge number of Forex trading advisors, but some of them are not worthwhile, as they have many flaws in trading strategies for which they trade or errors in the code. But how can you really find that Forex advisor, with the help of which you can earn good money? in this article will tell you about how to choose a Forex advisor, as well as the best Forex trading advisors to date.
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How to start trading and making money on the American Stock Exchange

Quite often, many people think about additional earnings. There are of course quite a lot of options, and you can earn quite a decent amount of money on many of them. In this article on you will learn about one such way of earning, namely trading on the stock exchanges. Of course, for many people, trading on the stock exchange is an incomprehensible and difficult task. But behind each complex process, there are fairly simple steps that lead to a goal, namely, to profit. After reading this article, you will learn what it is, how it works, where to start and how to earn a good amount of money on the American stock exchange. Continue reading