How to make a business plan yourself
Any important business should be carried out, having planned their actions in advance. This is…

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Virtual money: what it is, the pros and cons of e-currency
The world does not stand still, new technologies appear, and as it was possible to…

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"Will be dragged ashore and stunned with a stick", or How to conclude a contract on their own terms
Denis Sidenko, business consultant, coach, talks about the art of negotiation, tactics, rules and techniques…


Principles of franchising
When you open your own business, a person faces many challenges. It takes a lot…


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Internal marketing from professionals

A person is selfish, he always thinks about himself, about his own benefit. He only thinks about someone else’s benefit if he is motivated to do so. Such is the truth of life. By itself, he will never think about how to do well to others. This is how a person works, that if he is not motivated to work for your business using internal marketing, he begins to work for himself, using his resources.
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Forex traders from which you need to keep as far as possible

There are three types of Forex traders who will definitely fall for a beginner on his trading path. And I really want to hope that you do not want to be like them.
Type number 1. Believer
They always have a clear answer to any market situation and, in general, everything related to Forex. It is a specific answer with the deepest self-righteousness. They always develop their “secret” market analysis method. Continue reading

How to choose a platform for forex trading?

Choosing a platform for Forex trading is very important. And this issue must be approached seriously. Of course, you can read reviews about them, ask other players, but the choice is still yours. Before you start using the best platform, you need to make a list where you specify all the characteristics and capabilities of those platforms offered by those who developed them. After analyzing them, you can choose the one that suits you best. On our website you can find out which platforms are the most popular among traders and how to choose the right platform. Continue reading