Why is website important to your business?
Today we live in a world where none of us can imagine their lives without…

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Effective development of the dealer network
Development of the dealer network is necessary because dealers help to sell. The more of…

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Cryptocurrency: what it is, why it is needed, pros and cons
A few years ago, few people heard about cryptocurrency. Gradually, people began to learn more…


Marketing as the cause of the global crisis
The answer to the question is known. The main cause of the global crisis is…



Self-marketing as a brake on trade

There is one factor that significantly slows down trade, reduces sales by 10, and sometimes 100 times. It does not lie on the surface, so not everyone knows it and almost does not speak about it. This factor is self-marketing. This word is unknown to a wide circle of people; they are operated only by specialists who study this issue. The essence of self-marketing – the product sells itself.
The product itself creates demand for itself, the product itself creates a need for itself, the product itself creates value for itself, the product itself creates profit, no one helps it. Continue reading

Oil war as a marketing factor

The most significant event of 2010 in the post-Soviet space was the next oil war between Russia and Belarus. Due to the fact that we are talking about about 5 billion dollars that were at stake, the war turned out to be protracted, nobody wanted to give in, because it was a very large sum even on a global scale.
The oil war significantly affects the marketing activities of many companies in different countries. For this reason, it is advisable to determine what the war can affect and what results it may have. Continue reading

How to choose the best strategy for trading in the Forex market?

Every day, a huge number of financial market participants make good profits, but among them there are those who fail. Of course, you will not be able to make a profit out of the blue. For this you need to have a strategy. Today, there are a large variety of trading strategies on Forex. Each of them promises trader profit. They differ in the level of risk (maximum, minimum), the type of analysis used, the tools used, and so on. Each author claims that it is his strategy that is the best. For a beginner in this situation, it is difficult to figure out what to choose. Continue reading