Self-marketing as a brake on trade
There is one factor that significantly slows down trade, reduces sales by 10, and sometimes…

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Forex fraud: what to fear
Unfortunately, fraudsters are everywhere. The Forex market in this case is no exception. What is…

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Why is website important to your business?
Today we live in a world where none of us can imagine their lives without…


Effective ways to promote business
Once your company was not there, but then it appeared and the promotion of the…


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Forex Recommendations: How to choose Forex advisors?

A novice trader always has a question about how to choose a Forex advisor. Today, there are a huge number of Forex trading advisors, but some of them are not worthwhile, as they have many flaws in trading strategies for which they trade or errors in the code. But how can you really find that Forex advisor, with the help of which you can earn good money? in this article will tell you about how to choose a Forex advisor, as well as the best Forex trading advisors to date.
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How to make money in the US stock market

What is the stock market? – These are purchases, and after – resale of valuable goods, which include stocks or indices. The place where the trades are held is called trading floors, and the brokers are usually engaged in the sale of stock market brokers – intermediaries between sellers and buyers.
Exchange traders – in other words, traders, a key goal in front of them set a quick and decent earnings in the stock market. Usually, stock trading on the stock market is only those companies that have a good reputation, and thereby reduce the level of risk during trading them. Continue reading

Rules of communication with customers by phone

The impression of the company is formed in the first few minutes of a conversation with its representative. More than 95% of such conversations take place over the telephone – personal meetings are scheduled in exceptional cases. If the manager fails to reach the client or the conversation leaves an unpleasant impression, there will be no second chance – the latter will use the services of another organization. Etiquette of telephone communication includes many nuances, the main ones will be discussed in this article. Continue reading