Overview of stock exchanges for earnings on stock trading
What are stock exchanges and how can you make money with them? About this and…

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How to make a business plan yourself
Any important business should be carried out, having planned their actions in advance. This is…

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Modern prospects of small business
The prospects of small business are connected with the understanding of the fact that it…


How to choose a platform for forex trading?
Choosing a platform for Forex trading is very important. And this issue must be approached…


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Self-marketing as a brake on trade

There is one factor that significantly slows down trade, reduces sales by 10, and sometimes 100 times. It does not lie on the surface, so not everyone knows it and almost does not speak about it. This factor is self-marketing. This word is unknown to a wide circle of people; they are operated only by specialists who study this issue. The essence of self-marketing – the product sells itself.
The product itself creates demand for itself, the product itself creates a need for itself, the product itself creates value for itself, the product itself creates profit, no one helps it. Continue reading

How to beat the competition and earn all

The options of how to beat the competition a lot. But most methods involve huge financial or reputational costs. There is only one way that is cheap enough and at the same time does not affect the reputation, because it looks fair and fair. It will allow you to bypass competitors and become a market leader. Being a leader is profitable, because the leader gets the most, the rest gets the rest.
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Where is it profitable to invest money? – Forex Investments

Everyone knows that we have capitalism. And the most visible sign of capitalism is the desire of citizens to invest their money and make a profit. A legitimate and understandable desire, only one important question arises: “Where to invest money?”. Some prefer to invest on the Internet, others buy bonds and stocks, and still others make bank deposits. What are the opportunities for profitable investments today?
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