"Will be dragged ashore and stunned with a stick", or How to conclude a contract on their own terms
Denis Sidenko, business consultant, coach, talks about the art of negotiation, tactics, rules and techniques…

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Novus Ordo Millennium. How do financiers take revenge?
Experts say that the Democrats, who could not promote their candidate to the post of…

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Overview of stock exchanges for earnings on stock trading
What are stock exchanges and how can you make money with them? About this and…


Effective technology to eliminate competitors
One of the main questions of all businessmen is how to eliminate a competitor. Making…


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How to build effective business processes

Effective business processes are the main condition for building an effective business that generates money, not problems. Build such business processes can only professionals who know one important secret. There are very few people who know him little, which is why there are very few companies that use high-quality business processes.
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How to properly and professionally make a commercial offer?

Sales managers quite often hear the phrase “Send us your offer, we will consider it and answer it.” But quite often at this moment customers leave. And this is because they did not like the offer, it did not catch them. And then the question arises: “How is it right and professional to make a commercial offer?” After all, it is necessary that it does not alienate him, but on the contrary attracted and interested. That is the question Elgreloo.com will give you a detailed answer. After reading this article you will learn a lot of useful information and understand how to make a commercial offer quickly and easily and without losing customers. Continue reading

Where are the stock traders going to go on a pilgrimage?

Stock traders love to pilgrim. They leave their apartments and houses and go where they think they can earn a huge fortune. Some go to Chile, others to Peru, and others to a completely different country. Every person wants to earn a huge amount of money in order not to deny himself anything. Therefore, many become traders. In this article on Elgreloo.com, you will learn where exchange traders go on a pilgrimage, why these countries and how this affects their income. Continue reading