How to sell a startup and get rich
You can sell an idea only if you translate it into a project or in…

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How to beat the competition and earn all
The options of how to beat the competition a lot. But most methods involve huge…

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Why is website important to your business?
Today we live in a world where none of us can imagine their lives without…


Overview of stock exchanges for earnings on stock trading
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Internal marketing from professionals

A person is selfish, he always thinks about himself, about his own benefit. He only thinks about someone else’s benefit if he is motivated to do so. Such is the truth of life. By itself, he will never think about how to do well to others. This is how a person works, that if he is not motivated to work for your business using internal marketing, he begins to work for himself, using his resources.
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Find out the main secret of a successful business.

How to become a successful businessman? All you need to do to succeed is to imbue with the idea of ​​business, plunge into it with your head. Until a person is saturated with the idea of ​​business, he is an ordinary person. A businessman differs from an ordinary person in that he is imbued with the idea of ​​business, as if he was dipped into a business, as if doused with business. He seemed to drink the elixir of business.
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Forex fraud: what to fear

Unfortunately, fraudsters are everywhere. The Forex market in this case is no exception. What is to be feared on the stock exchange? First of all, brokers can deceive you because they have direct access to the market by offering to start trading using their own account. They have several ways to mislead the trader.
Known methods of fraud in the forex market
The first is the so-called. “Tightening quotes.” When opening a quotation in a calm market, different brokers can make up 2-3 points, but in a sharp market the difference may be several dozen points. The most interesting thing is that the broker can freely see what your margin call level is and where you have stop loss. Continue reading