Where guaranteed to take a lot of money
ne of the questions that a person often asks himself is where to get a…

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Cryptocurrency: what it is, why it is needed, pros and cons
A few years ago, few people heard about cryptocurrency. Gradually, people began to learn more…

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How to make the interior of the office comfortable for employees
An office is the heart of any company, its most important place. It is in…


How to find sources of profit
The main sources of profit change after the change in the economic level. We are…


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Effective way to improve business

Improving business is a necessity due to the fact that everything is flowing and changing. Once the most profitable business was agriculture. Then the industry became the most profitable business. After the industry, information technologies became the most profitable business, but their profitability will soon fall.
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Kinds of consulting for advanced businessmen

There are different types of consulting that a businessman can use if he is needed. In general, a businessman is a person who can do everything himself, absolutely everything, therefore consulting is rarely needed. This is what makes him different from the common man. In principle, business is to some extent the ability to do what others cannot do. Continue reading

Forex fraud: what to fear

Unfortunately, fraudsters are everywhere. The Forex market in this case is no exception. What is to be feared on the stock exchange? First of all, brokers can deceive you because they have direct access to the market by offering to start trading using their own account. They have several ways to mislead the trader.
Known methods of fraud in the forex market
The first is the so-called. “Tightening quotes.” When opening a quotation in a calm market, different brokers can make up 2-3 points, but in a sharp market the difference may be several dozen points. The most interesting thing is that the broker can freely see what your margin call level is and where you have stop loss. Continue reading